My Resume is Ready. Now What?

by Joy Brown ~

You have the perfect resume. It highlights your achievements and shows why they matter. It doesn’t have any typos or grammatical errors. You may have even brought it to a resume workshop at your local WorkForce center or library to make sure that it follows the do’s and don’ts and takes advantage of advice from an expert.

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2 Years, 1 Occupation, and a Good Wage in the Northeast

by Eric White~


Community colleges have been making headlines recently with President Obama proposing free tuition for responsible students.

Even if that doesn’t happen, students will find that community colleges cost less than 4-year universities. Less credits will be required to graduate with a degree, and still lead to rewarding and well-paying jobs.

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Think You Know Career Tech? Think Again

by Denise Felder ~

When I started working for the state’s Career Technical Education (CTE) leadership a few months ago, I thought I knew what CTE was, but I had no idea.

Like many people, I thought CTE classes were for high school students to learn a manual trade instead of preparing for college. Well, like many people, I thought wrong.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know about CTE.

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Lake scene

Southeast MN Having Brighter Days

by Mark Schultz~

Southeast Minnesota has certainly seen its share of plights as a result the most recent recession.  An unemployment rate of 8.7% hit in March of 2009, with the highest annual unemployment rate of 7.6% recorded for that same year.  Luckily, the region saw a drop of its annual unemployment rate to 4.7% in 2013 with that November having the lowest at 2.8% since December of 2000.   Continue reading